Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The sky is falling!

Okay, so over night last night the cities that I work and live in got dumped with snow.  We got 25 centimetres overnight and it is still snowing... 15 centimetres more are expected during the day today.  Almost everything around is closed and they're having trouble keeping up with clearing the roads.  At least, that's what I hear.  I have no idea as I am still in my pjs, watching daytime tv, and finishing up some work that I brought home yesterday.

Today is Groundhog Day - and therefore OPAL day.  Poor little groundhogs - they should just stay in bed, no reason to come out after this kind of snowstorm.  But, it does reinforce the fact that while there are few letterboxes in Ontario, there are even fewer winter-friendly ones.

So, I prepared a few winter-friendly boxes, they are out there in the wild, and now all posted and available on Atlas Quest. Unfortunately, I didn't get three out that I had made - due to timing and the weather - and now I think they're giving me sad little looks.  Oh well, they'll get planted soon enough.

Here are the boxes I planted for OPAL 2011, all winter accessible:
Bottoms Up!
I Don't Want to Be Among Mad People
Literary Cats
I Knew Him Well
Niagara Region Wines
Spring's First Flower

Happy trails!

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